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All About Us

What You Need to Know


Kingdom Electric was founded in June of 2021 by Chris Lujan after spending many years in the Commercial, Residential and Oil Field industries doing electrical work. We are a family owned, and operated Kingdom business founded on Christian morals and principles. We are a service company that does electrical work.


Here at Kingdom Electric our Mission is to provide our customers with excellent service, build lasting relationships, and maintaining upmost professionalism. We are willing to go beyond normal electrical services by providing a willingness to help in any area requested by our customers. Our Vision is to grow both personally and professionally with the focus on serving. This is God's company; we just do the work.

Core Values

The core values of Kingdom Electric are, but not limited to-  Integrity, Servanthood, and Stewardship. The Core values of our leadership team are, but not limited to - Unity, Excellence and Passion.

Our Motto is God first, Family second, business third.

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